Conway EWME 427 MX -zwart/rood-27.5″/Large


The eWME should be very well-known by this season at the latest. Awarded countless test approvals, praised by every editor, and without any real weak points, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know this e-bike right now. We’ve finetuned the range of models once more and are again offering all wheel sizes, each in two price gradations. With 140/145 mm of travel on the 29” and MX models, and 160 mm of travel on the 27.5”, we’re offering the right bike for every situation.


Motor: Shimano E8000 middenmotor.

Batterij: 500 wh.

Display shimano sce 700.

Versnellingen: Sram nx eagle.

Suspension: Rockschox.